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Certificate Course

Cyber Security

Course Title

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking



Teaching per Week

2 Hrs

Minimum Week per Semester


Purpose of the Course

This course provides the knowledge of Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking and some advanced discussion on the topic


·       To understand core concepts of Cyber Security

·       To understand the process Ethical Hacking

·       Understand how does a cybercrime is committed


·       Basic knowledge of computer

·       Basic knowledge of network and it’s technologies

·       Basic Programming Knowledge

Course Content

Unit 1: What is Cyber Security?

·       Definition of Cyber Security

·       Importance and need for Cyber Security

·       Terminologies related to Cyber Security

o   Vulnerabilities

o   Threat

o   Threat Agent

o   Risk

o   Impact

o   Exploit

o   Mitigation

·       What is CIA Triad:

o   Confidentiality

o   Integrity

o   Availability

Unit 2: Fundamentals of Cryptography

·       What is Cryptography?

·       Need for Cryptography

·       Different types of Cryptography

o   Block Cipher

o   Stream Cipher

·       Different Block Ciphers

o   Electronic CodeBook (ECB)

o   Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)

Unit 3: Cyber Crime, Cyber Law and Cyber Ethics

·       What is a Cyber Crime?

·       Different Cyber Crimes

o   Hacking

o   Eavesdropping

o   Phishing

o   Identity Theft

o   Denial of Service (DoS)

o   Cyberstalking

·       Protecting from Cyber Crimes

·       Need For Cyber Law

·       Overview of IT Act 2000

·       Amendments and Limitations of the Act

·       Cyber law and related legislation

o   Patent Law

o   Trademark Law

o   Copyright and it’s disputes

o   IT Act and Criminal Procedural code

o   Sections of Indian Penal Code

o   Relevant Sections of Bankers Book Evidence Act and Indian Evidence Act

·       Significance of Cyber-Ethics

·       Need for Cyber regulations and Ethics

·       Ethics in Information society

Unit 4: Fundamentals of Hacking

·       What is hacking?

·       Types of Hackers

o   White Hat Hacker (Ethical Hacker)

o   Grey Hat Hacker

o   Black Hat Hacker (Unethical Hacker)

·       Overview of Hacking process

o   Information Gathering

o   Enumeration

o   Attacking

o   Clearing Footprints

o   Reporting

Unit 5: Securing Different technologies

·       What is cloud and securing cloud

·       Securing Mobile devices

·       Securing Operating Systems

·       Securing Networks

Reference Books

1)     Cryptography & Network Security – Third Edition: Author - Behrouz A. Forouzan, Publisher– McGrawHill Education, ISBN- 978-9339220945

2)     Cybersecurity for Beginners: Author - Raef Meeuwisse, Publisher - Cyber Simplicity Ltd, ISBN- 978-1911452034

3)     Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking: Author- Christopher Hadnagy, Publisher– Wiley, ISBN- 978-1119433385

4)     Cyber Security Law And Child Protection: Author- Dr. Pavan Duggal, ISBN- 978-1700408273

Teaching Methodology

·       Classwork

·       Discussion

·       Seminar

·       Self-Study

·       Practical Work

·       Lab Session


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